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Week 3 of Irmo Farmers Market

Last night was the third week for the market. I was pleased to see some of our past weeks' customers stop by for more goodies. And to let me know how much they love their products from Salty Crab! I won't make any promises about curing what ails you, but I will promise that I make some great products.

On another note, I want to announce that Salty Crab Soap will donate 10% of all weekly SALES to PETSinc! I emphasize that we are donating the SALES and not just profits because at the end of the day our profit margin is still quite small. We are a young, growing company, but I want to be sure we give back to our community as we grow. And with your help Salty Crab can do just that. When you purchase, we give back. Thank you for being a part of this and for being a big part of our community.

Here's some info on PETSinc :

PETSinc is a nonprofit, (no kill) pet rescue and adoption organization proudly serving the Midlands of South Carolina since 1991.

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