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2nd week for the Irmo Farmers Market

Yesterday was the second market day for the Irmo Farmers Market. It was pretty busy and quite a fun evening. We had some new vendors which added to the fun - and deliciousness!

I received some great feedback from a few folks who picked up some goodies from me last week. One lady was thrilled the Pepperminty Foot Balm helped with her boyfriend's "stank feet" - her words, not mine. :-) Another lady was really pleased with the Black Rose Facial Soap. This week a couple gentlemen tried the Soft Shell Crab Beard Oil. Of course they had to buy some because they loved the feel of their beards and smell of the essential oil blend.

I bought a bucket of strawberries from Lever Farms, and it was all I could do to keep from eating them all right then and there! Yes they are THAT good. And juicy. And sweet.

Last week I bought a pound of butter and a dozen fresh eggs from Countryside Creamery. I'm still working on those, but I will be buying more in the weeks to come. Btw, I did slather a bakery fresh sourdough roll (from Mbazi Bakery) with butter as soon as I got home. ::Deep sigh of delight::

I look forward to next week's market!

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